Who we are

Domenica 3 Dicembre 2023: prima Domenica di Avvento.

Mercoledì 6 Dicembre 2023, ore 20,45: Gruppo Adulti su "Atti degli Apostoli".

8 dicembre - Immacolata Concezione B. V. Maria S. MESSA ore 18.45

10 dicembre - II Domenica di Avvento S. MESSA ore 18.45

16 dicembre RITIRO DI DESERTO E FRATERNITÀ c/o Villa Concordia – Teolo - ore 9.30-14.00

17 dicembre - III Domenica di Avvento CONCERTO DI NATALE ore 17.30
S. MESSA ore 18.45

24 dicembre - IV Domenica di Avvento
Sabato 23 dicembre ore 18.45

Preghiera di Lode ore 7.45

Vespro ed Eucaristia ore 19.00

Preghiera di Lode ore 7.45

Eucaristia ore 8.00

Ogni lunedì sera alle ore 18.15: gruppo giovani.

A "2 days" in Teolo

We are a community of college students, alumni, educators, and adults interested in the college world. We come from various parts of Italy and the world: in this chapel there is a particular tendency to have people who come from far away (Albania, France, Poland, Russia, but also Sicily, Puglia, Calabria, and Sardinia).

We are brought to life by our faith in Jesus Christ and we believe in his promise that: “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am amongst them.”

If you too believe in God’s promise, or even if you are searching for a relationship with God, then you are welcome among us. To give you an idea, you can: see this year’s activities, get directions, or find out how to contact us.

Together with the entire Church and with those who work with the pastoral university of the Bishop of Padua, we unite in a small chapel in the center of Padua and we search, together with many religious people, to listen to, pray, live, and announce the word of God.

While at times this experience asks for commitment and responsibility, it is nonetheless very rewarding and fun: we are waiting for you.